Saturday, June 26, 2010

starting to get my mojo back

hello everyone,
well I am starting to get my creative mojo back after knee surgery and recovery set backs....the creative flow.....its back.
I have been taking care of a bunch of trim/decorating/finishing touches around the house.
It started with some constant asking from my daughter to pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase paint an Eiffel Tower on the wall in her room. Mission accomplished.

Then while out running errands we stopped into Hobby Lobby and picked up some fun monograms and a sweet picture frame. I am going to hang the "J" and "E" hooks in the kids bathrooms to hang their towels on. Then I bought a small black "H" and "P"for a shelf in my bathroom. I also got a sweet small black ornate picture frame that matches the H&P for my bathroom too.

Tommorrow calls for storms, so hopefully a crafting day :)

have a great day, Hailey