Thursday, August 8, 2013

catching up on scrapbooking

On Monday night I decided to make myself a little scrap space at our dining room table.

I scrapbooked another layout and a half last night. I think I might have to keep the flow going.....It's making me very happy. I think the great part is that before I even got started knowing how this creative mess can take over the table and drive the faux hubby crazy I did a little preemptive planning.

I forewarned him. I said I would love to make a little space on the table so I could stay upstairs and hangout with them while he took care of some stuff he was doing around the house. (Instead of hiding out in my scrapbook room in the basement)

Those of you that know me are aware of my well stocked scrapbook room AKA mini store. So not taking over an area can be quite challenging.

So to get started I took the following steps (which I have never done before, but have found to be awesome)

1. Tell faux hubby that you want to stay upstairs to hang with the family instead of hiding in the basement (PS - this is the truth, I do love me some family time. Even if we are all doing our own thing being in the same room makes me smile)

2. Restrict yourself to a space and stay inside that space (we have a large dining room table, so I have my making memories mat, ikea drawer organizer for my extras, tool tote, and pictures loaded in page protectors*. (*foot note: this is also something I started doing just this year, I will elaborate later)

3. Knowing I was going to be working on our trip to Rome from last summer I prepicked some items and filled that Ikea drawer organizer I mentioned above. I pulled journal cards, tags, travel themed product embellishments, a handfull of buttons-flowers-metal embellishments, and some specific things I knew I wanted to use in this scrapbook. I also dug out the memorabilia I had brought back. This took about 1.5 hours. I essentially thumbed through several artbins of stuff and pulled various things out. The best part, was that if I worked on a page and did not have a specific element pulled out I knew where to go quickly to grab it.However I have pretty much restricted myself to using what I prepicked because it is right in front of me :)

4. I did not worry about the speed of completing a layout and frequently walked away to tend to different things. Knowing I did not have a deadline made this flow much easier.

5. Keep it somewhat neatish. I am a creative mess kind of person. However due to my proximity to the rest of the family I am trying to use and put back. (I typically scrap when the family is away for the weekend and take over the entire space) I refer to this as private scrapbooking. I can be as messy as I want without judgement.

So with this I have completed 3.5 layouts. Definitely not some kind of record. However sitting down each night for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute spurts is making me very happy :) Picking away at my pile of pictures finally getting some of these old trips scrapped and being creative is fantastic.

more on picture sorting tomorrow.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Scrapbook Event

Hi Everyone, 

DETAILS COMPLETE :) Scrapbook Weekend Sept. 27th-29th, 2013

The Four Points Sheraton - has come through and we will be here again this year. 

$75 For the Weekend (includes room rental, Friday night catered snack, Saturday Deluxe continental breakfast & evening Snack, Sunday Deluxe Continental breakfast)

A room block will be available next week under Paper&Glue (I am hoping for less than $99 a night)

Please feel free to invite any scrapers or crafters you know :)

I will add more notes below:)

Please send a $25 deposit via paypal

Have a great day, Hailey & Michelle