Friday, July 24, 2009

go for your dreams right?

well my mom always says "you are the Rachael Ray of Scrapbooking". I think it must be my fun spunky personality and my love for the craft and teaching what I have learned to others. Like Rachael who does not claim to be a Chef but a kick "A" Cook, I take no claim at being an Artist I am just a seriously crafty chic....

So I have been going round and round that Carol Duvall lives in Michigan, who is going to be next? I have not seen a fun up to date craft segment on television for some time now.

I have finally said hey if it's a dream of mine to be the Rachael Ray of Scrapbooking, which I must say the Hailey Mann of Scrapbooking sounds ok to me :) too. I finally submitted an email to Fox Detroit with some ideas.

If you think I should rock my mini books on Fox Detroit please leave me a comment and I will send out a box of goodies pulled from my stash for the winner of the random drawing.

It is only fitting to post a picture of my idea journal I made....

PS - The 2nd Early Bird Recipe Book Pot Luck Class on Aug 9th is almost full....So if you missed the 1st one of are thinking about signing up don't delay.

Also don't forget Suze Weinberg is coming to the store for a Weekend of Melt Art!


Barry said...

I DEFINITELY think you should be rockin' those mini books for all to see! Thanks for giving us a chance to win some goodies!

Julie said...

I would love to see great craft projects on the morning news


Anonymous said...

I would enjoy watching you do craft projects on the fox morning show. I hope this works out for you.