Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project Sheets and 2010 Classes

Warning very wordy post!

Ok so time to start planning......I am working on the idea of creating some class sheets. Which will work the following way. I create a gorgeous project from simple to extravagant. You either sign up to take the class which includes the materials and live instruction from moi. Or after the class you can purchase the project sheet, which are the color instructions for the project. Also, some items will just be project sheets only like a fabulous explosion box I am working on. This way you can purchase the project sheet and have the flexibility of using your own supplies or purchasing different supplies instead of what I used.

Sound great? The project sheet for the cookbook and fragment mirror will be available first. Hopefully by next week once I work out the details.

Now for 2010 classes.....Last year (because I did not want to take the time to plan out an entire series of classes) I taught the BGPOTM Class. Which the layouts were good, however there were several issues that were out of my control...Like instruction/dimensional issues, use of obsolete tools, and providing different supplies than used in the layout.....So this year I am thinking of something fun and out of the box...The take out box.....Ha ha....I want to still teach a montly class or like club or clique or group whatever. But I want the student to be able to pick any topic or theme so I have a few ideas but what are yours?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you want for next year......

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