Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Daily update

phew.....I would have never have guessed that it would be this hard to find time to update during the month of December......Its almost the big day and here is what I have done since the last post.

The 14th & 15th - We had family movie night and watched Elf. The 15th has journaling, but it is hard to read in the photo.
The 16th - Pat and I went to another Christmas party. It was at Charley's Crab and I got a $75 gift card from his other boss...
The 17th - Ah....this picture turned out is a picture of a pile of shopping reciepts from the days take.
The 18th - Is pictures of my presents that I got from my work exchange....
The 19th - Is journaling from our busy day of more Christmas shopping, dinner at olive garden, and then a movie (Princess and the Frog)
The 20th - We went to the Lions game and the 21st we did not have anything really to note so I used that day to hold the ticket stubs.
The 22nd - I caught this sweet pic of jake in the backseat while I was driving....So it is not the best quality but it is a priceless shot. He is reading the instructions on how to use his new toy from aunt claudia.
Have a great day and holiday! Hailey

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