Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BG POTM for April

hello to my favorite students and friends.....
Here is some info for the April BGPOTM.
The page title is "the things I do". I am totally para-phrasing but the journaling reads about how her kids take after her husband. Then she goes on to talk about how one of her daughters loves carbs like she does.

Personally I do not think the journaling fits the title of the page at all. My interpretation of the title would be to journal about my personal traits.

My Journaling: The things I do....I love to sleep in and curl up on the couch at night. My guilty pleasure it to watch mindless reality tv. I am not a neat freak but I like some sort of organized chaos. I know at times it drives my boyfriend nuts, but he looks the other way. I am currently being trained to put my dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher not into the sink :) . I wear funny tube socks almost everyday to work. Those are just some of the things I do.

The Layout: There are 2 photos, one 5x7 and one 3x5. They are both black and white. See the sketch above. If you click on the image it should open larger in another window.

The themes for May is "ever after" and June is "empty nest".
I might have to modify June for me to be "full nest" :)
See you all next Thursday! Hailey

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hailey.
Love the page maps and enlarged photos. Thank you for posting them. Do you have a list of needed supplies?
See you Thursday.