Tuesday, February 9, 2010

super excited....

hello everyone,

I am super excited because I just received a shipping notification that THIS & THIS

Are on their way.....Sew I can Sew..hahha...my tote bags a little more professionally and embroidery...how fun. Ok sounding a little nerdy, but after my daughter lost 2 pairs of black snowpants this year you can bet your ass I am embroidering a giant EMMA on the back of the bibs on the 3rd pair :)

But also how about your name on your tote bag cover? I can just picture a hot pink "Hailey" on mine :)

Have a great day, Hailey


Vieve said...

Very exciting!

Marlene said...

Oh - those kind of presents are FUN! Enjoy your new toys.

Tracy said...

OHHH you are so lucky a serger and an embrodery machine.

I'm turning green...with envy