Sunday, June 28, 2009

pick me, pick me.

well sorry for some of the picks, it was quite windy on the deck. I am known as the minibook mama. I have them everywhere. Cosmo Cricket crafting kits have the perfect amount of paper and treats inside to make them quick, simple, and stylish right down to the cut off strips. :) Take a peek below. I also have posted some quick and simple layouts with crisp style because I don't always have hours to spend on one layout. When I actually scrapbook I want to be able to get a lot done while not comprising an eye catching design. These are projects and layouts that were already complete (and made at a weekend retreat approximately at 2am where quantity not necessarily amazing was the goal) hence the simplicity.

enjoy, Hailey

PS - take a look at my Early Bird Recipe book post from June 16th. The sample is in the store so I cannot get anymore pics before July1st.....And the link to my flickr account for more crafty business.

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